A trading interview with my friend Casey Stubbs happened recently.  I wanted to share it again with you here.  We hit on a lot of topics important to me all about trading.  I hope to do another trading interview like this soon.

Check out this trading interview replay with my friend Casey Stubbs


One of the most important things a trader can do to find success is to be strong with his/her reason for trading.  This might seem obvious, and it should be, but in fact it is not.  Everyone says they know why they are trading.  Then they do things that seem to be the exact opposite of what they said they believed.

If you can solve this problem right from the beginning, you’ll be amazed at how much better your trading will be.  You will begin to find consistent results that move you to your goals.  It begins with trading only for the right reason, to make money.

Then, focus on what will accomplish that.  A proven tradeplan is a must.  If you are sure that you have integrated all 12 powers into your trading, you will be on the way.

Hopefully you enjoy this.  Please leave me comments and let me know.

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