Our Forex Profits are growing strong for our Greatest Hits, Spotlight FX Alerts members.  On our one year anniversary we were up over +9000 pips from the same date a year earlier.

With all this crazy volatility in the markets, the price movements in the forex markets have made for some excellent swing trades.  It can be a dangerous proposition though for those without a proven plan.

The Backpack Trader way of trading has us trading less and making more as a result.  Swing trading forex is one of the best ways to assure consistent forex profits, requiring very little time each day.  In fact, if you’re spending more than 10 minutes per day on average, you are probably working too hard.

The surest way to profits is the lean on a proven strategy, with long running effective tradeplans that you can fully believe in.  Counter Punch Trader is such a strategy and has provided us the tradeplans we need to consistently grow profits.

Check out the forex profits being locked in with these current SPFx trade alerts.

Swing trading is one of the best ways to achieve forex profits within the Backpack Trader philosophy.  The choice is to either invest in and learn a great strategy or, subscribe to a service that uses a great strategy.  Both approaches have their advantages.

We have both!  If you would like to try the Counter Punch Trader, we have a brand new Express version, the CPX-2, which will present trades like the ones shown above.  The full CPT can run nearly $2000 but the CPX-2 is going to cost 1/10th that price!

You can visit our community site to learn more about the CPX-2, our Spotlight FX Alerts membership, along with our other flagship strategies and training programs; Catapult Trader Bootcamps, Spotlight Power Trader and Master Suite, and others.