Forex trades are setting up while others are trailing for big home run gains.  In the last post I showed some that were happening.  Here’s an update.

Cancel the EURJPY long setup. That trade has cancelled and we will wait for another opportunity.  In the meantime, take a look at this AUDJPY short trade that has hit all its targets and continues to trail for large gains.

This AUDJPY forex trade has locked down hundreds of pips and has an additional +270 pips trailing with more to follow.  This is the type of trade that we will be featuring with our brand new ‘Greatest Hits’ Forex Swing Trade Alert Service that is about to drop.

Another one of our favorite forex trades that’s been killing it for years is the GBPCHF.  We’re using one of my other strategies for this one though, the old reliable Trend Jumper.

That’s the beauty of having a ‘Greatest Hits’ Swing Trade Service.  We can focus on the most reliable setups and charts.

One of our fave forex trades features Trend Jumper and is the perfect dance partner for the GBPCHF Daily chart, winning 74% and thousands of pips of profit over the past several years.

Finally, There’s a brand new setup that I want to share with you.  This is the type of forex swing trades we will be sending alerts our for.

The EURAUD, one of our winningest forex swing trades, has a long trade setup.   Here’s the trade we’re looking at:

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