Here’s a live traderoom replay focusing on the CPX2.0.  Today we hit all our goals with the Spotlight Master Suite rather quickly.  You can see the trades in the video below.

Markets like Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas, Russell Emini, Dow Emini all hit their goals with the first or second trade.  That is always our goal.  To quit with a positive result a vast majority of the time.  We do this by controlling our drawdowns with minimal and efficient trading.

This is always accomplished by the use of proven tradeplans.  A proven tradeplan is one of the 12 Powers and essential to ongoing success. More important is that a trader prove it to him or herself, so that they can believe in the plan and see it will grow their accounts before risking real money.

It’s no different with the Counter Punch Xpress 2.0 or any strategy for that matter.  We had excellent questions today from brand new members and for that reason, I decided to post this live traderoom replay focusing on the CPX2.0.

Today we looked at markets that have been ongoing obvious winners with Counter Punch like Crude Oil and the GBPUSD.  We also discussed considerations on how to use some of the different setups and how to apply the setups to longer term forex swing trade charts.

Watch our Live Traderoom Replay Focusing on the CPX2.0

We also covered other interesting topics like the differences between Counter Punch and Spotlight and the differences between the different Counter Punch Setups.  I discussed what roles the other associated indicators and tools play that come with each strategy.

You will also learn how the Spotlight Power Trader and Master Suite were created from the Counter Punch.  It’s interesting to understand the genesis of how this effective strategy came into being.  Counter Punch Xpress users will have a leg up if they ever decide to move to the full Spotlight Master Suite.

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