How to trade options with the powerful CPX2.0 is actually easier than one might think.  I have created a short, 3 part video series on exactly that.   The CPX2 is so versatile that it works virtually the same on swing trade charts as it does on daytrade charts.

In this video series I talk about a few simple considerations that you want to be mindful of when setting up a swingtrade chart.  What’s most important is to not short circuit the typical foundation building preproduction work critical to anyone’s trading success.

It’s easy to learn how to trade options with the powerful CPX2.0.  Learning how to trade successfully on a consistent basis requires following the steps outlined in the No Brainer Steps to Success Guide, the training of which comes with all our strategies.

You can get an in depth training of these ‘steps to success,’ as well as other great information in my new book, Day Trading QuickStart Guide on Amazon.

This video series is about swing trading options with the CPX2.0.  You can use the same Fast Testing techniques we use for creating our winning day trading strategies and plans to build an active and effective list of excellent stock symbols to use for options trading.

These ‘fast testing’ techniques are thoroughly taught in my book, but also in my live traderoom, where we cover these topics all the time.  The live traderoom is one of the best ways to learn how to be a successful trader with my our best Backpack Trader strategies.

How to Trade Options with the Powerful CPX2.0

After the above video, you’ll easily be able to see Parts 2 and 3 on our YouTube Channel.  What’s important is to build a list of active stock charts that you can fast test and prove will grow the equity in your account. The CPX2 will help you do that.

Click here to see a demo on the CPX2.0 so that you will learn what it can do for you and your trading.