The GBPJPY has been heading lower but more importantly, our special 4 hour chart swingtrade plan has just won 5 trades in a row.  It just got short again.  Will it have enough juice in the tank to win its 6th trade in a row?

No one knows for sure, until after the fact.  What we do know is that it has never lost more than four in a row over the past 10 years and it has had huge winning streaks of 29 trades, 25 trades, 22, 20, 18 etc.

Wondering if this next trade will win or not is the wrong question to be asking.  Being committed to a winning tradeplan is all about taking the next tradeplan trade.  There will ALWAYS be losing trades inside of winning tradeplans.

The tradeplan won’t win if you second guess trades because then you rely too much on lady luck.  Best to lean on your winning system and let your account grow over time.  Two steps forward, one step back, etc..

This tradeplan will be a bonus plan for anyone joining my Spotlight Forex Alerts Service Wait List.  This service will be comprised of my Greatest Hits Forex Swingtrade Plans, focusing primarily on daily charts.  In fact we have a great GBPJPY daily chart tradeplan as well.

The GBPJPY just got into another short trade after winning its last 5 in a row

Imagine if you will, yesterday during Memorial Day, you were having fun with your best friends, boating and jet skiing on a beautiful lake, enjoying life.  Then imagine again that you receive an alert on your sell phone to short the GBPJPY at 138.62.  What would you do?

The reason I ask is because that is exactly what I was doing. I was with my wife, son and friends enjoying a wonderful day and trading was the furthest thing from my mind.

Here in the US, we were on holiday but the rest of the world was business as usual, especially the currency markets.  So while jet skiing around a beautiful lake, profitable trades were happening.

You have three choices

  1. Place the trade with your cell phone. There are ways to do it.
  2. Don’t worry about it until later.  Most of the time, you have ample opportunity to place the trade.  Numerous bars, for example. This trade could have been place for many hours after the setup occurred.
  3. Don’t do anything.

What if you had the Spotlight Forex Alert Service?  You’d be able to act on this trade on the lake OR, 9 times out of 10, once you got home.  And if you ended up missing it, there’s always another bus!

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