The Power of Dynamic Trade Setups is one of our long running keys to success.   Put on your dancing shoes and let the market’s price action take the lead.  Being able to adjust trade setups that give us high percentage price targets is important for the longevity of a strategy.  It makes the strategy evergreen.  It continues to work as market conditions continue to change.

Today’s session is a great example.  Headline news and talking heads caused the market to react with crazy volatile price swings. These price swings are excellent for daytraders, especially when trading with dynamic trade setups that can adjust in real time.

With a strategy like this, you only need to learn it once.  It uses two very important ideas.

  1. Targets and trade setups are tuned, bar after bar, which leads to highly accurate targets
  2. It can do that because of the concept that ‘the immediate past, predicts the immediate future’

This works on most timeframes and price charts.  When you combine it with the other 12 Powers, then you are on the track to trading success.  Powers like the Power of the Tradeplan, the Power of Structure, the Power of Quitting, etc.

Check out these charts and see how the Power of Dynamic Trade Setups continue to keep these tradeplans on the winning track, beginning with this below the radar symbol that many traders overlook, unleaded gas futures.

The ES is a popular market to trade and works great with the strategy but does have unique aspects that make it very difficult to trade successfully.  Mainly, the 1/4 point tick which when factoring in slippage, can be a very costly market.

The YM is a great alternative to the ES because it trades in full points only, $5 per point.  Trade costs will be much lower compared to the ES.

The Russell eMini (RTY) is a long time favorite and provides excellent trading opportunities during most trading sessions.

If you want to improve your own trading, be sure to incorporate the 12 Powers with your own trading.  You can get a free copy here.

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