The most reliable winning tradeplan I know of is the one we do each and every week.  The most reliable winning tradeplan happens two minutes after the Crude Oil Inventory Report comes out and I’ve been recording these exact sessions for years.

Trading doesn’t have to be difficult or mysterious.  Well perhaps the fact that it wins most of the time is a bit mysterious because who could really explain why, but the truth is I don’t care why!  As long as it’s a reliable winning tradeplan I’ll just keep trading it.

I don’t need to know why the light turns on when I flip the switch.  I don’t need to know why a particular approach to buying and selling with bar charts or candle stick charts becomes a reliable winning tradeplan.  Just flip the switch and get light!  Take the trade and make money!

See how I used my most reliable winning tradeplan to ring the register again today

I like to use Counter Punch Trader with this particular approach but Spotlight Power Trade also works great.  Check out how it did today.

Unleaded Gas Futures, another reliable winning tradeplan also was one and done today, following the Crude Oil Inventory Report with Spotlight Power Trader.

If you’d like to learn more, leave a comment or drop my a line at [email protected].  What is your reliable winning traderplan?  Let me know.  I’d love to talk to you about your trading.