Simple trade strategies are the most profitable, usually because one could learn them, master them, and execute them without mistakes.  The more advanced a strategy, the more likely it is to make mistakes which can really add up.  Also, it’s hard to know when a strategy is broken, when too complex.

The Counter Punch Xpress is such a strategy. Super simple to learn and use, and very effective.  And now, with the release of the new CPX 2.0, this proven way of trading is better than ever.

The Counter Punch Trader came out over 6 years ago, an eternity in the world of day trading.  It is a dense, well established trading approach that is super versatile and effective, loaded with extremely useful trading tools.  it works today as effectively as when it first came out. That’s rare!!

Counter Punch Trader Criticisms:

Simple Trading Strategies are the Most Profitable.  That’s why we came out with a more streamlined version, that is easier to learn and a fraction of the price.

The Counter Punch Xpress 2.0 gives you the same great setups as it’s older, more muscular and expensive older sibling.  It is FAR easier to learn.

I still use it to this day, and you can see me trading it live in our traderoom during our well known Crude Oil Inventory Report trade sessions.  I’ve been recording and putting these sessions on YouTube for years.  Go here to view some of them:

Simple Trading Strategies are the Most Profitable.  Here are the two trades that were called live in our traderoom for this week’s Crude Oil Inventory Report:

Notice in the above image how the entire trade prints right on the chart, in real time.  Nothing is left to guesswork.  You know exactly where to enter, where the stop goes, and you can see highly accurate targets.

Whether you want to trade forex, futures, equities and options, day trade, swing trade or even long term position trade, the CPX 2.0 can do it all.  And all the trades look the same.  Learn it once, use it for a lifetime.

Check out this current forex swing trade chart, in the GBPJPY. This is the same plan we use in our ‘greatest hits’ forex swing trade signal service, our Spotlight FX Alerts subscription.

If you have been following along over the years, the first thing you would notice is that these trades look exactly the same as they did 6 years ago.  Moreover, you can’t tell the difference between these and the full, more expensive Counter Punch Trader.

Don’t get me wrong. The full CPT does have many more tools built into its toolset.   But you can learn many of them with the CPX 2.0 and easily figure out manually how to apply them, without having to shell out the extra investment for the full version.

Later, you could always upgrade anytime you want.  Make some money with the CPX 2.0 first and then decide later if and when you want or need to upgrade.  Many do, others don’t.  What’s most important, is that you succeed as a trader.  CPX 2.0 can really help you with that in so many different ways.

Click Here to grab your FREE High Trend Chop Indicator.  You can also see a demo and learn more about the exciting, new CPX 2.0.  You’ll be amazed at how low priced it is too!