This is truly the perfect trading session.  It wins so much.  Today, the full trading goals were reached with the very first trade.  Both Spotlight Power Trader and Counter Punch Trader were one and done, finished within minutes.

That’s what makes this the perfect trading session.  It just wins so often and requires such little time, it should be part of everyone’s trading regiment, in my humble opinion.  But also, it is what the Backpack Trader is all about.  Trade less.  Enjoy life more.

Anyone trading this strategy over time can merely grow their account and continue to increase their position size as the account grows.  It’s the perfect trading session and one of my favorite trades of the week, as most of you know by now.

Check out today’s perfect trading session as crude oil futures hit its goals within minutes, with the very first trade of the session

The above shows what I like to trade with Counter Punch Trader but Spotlight Power Trader is even better.  I run that chart on the left for those in the room trading that.  I stick with CPT because I’ve been doing it for so long.

Another perfect trading session, Spotlight Power Trader’s crude oil inventory report session, looked like this:

At the beginning of the above video, I briefly showed a Spotlight crude oil trading stopping out with its trailer. That was from our every morning tradeplan session.  With tight range and slow price action, it still finished its morning session with an attractive winning session, requiring just two trades.  The first trade broke even and the 2nd trade closed out as you saw in the beginning of the video.

There were plenty of perfect sessions today.  So far this has been a very fruitful week.  Out typical daily Spotlight Power Trader trading plans have been on fire, especially the eMinis.

The YM was one and done today. The RTY was too.  That means they were able to achieve their tradeplan goals with the very first trade of the session today as well.  This is fairly common, happening about 35% of the time (best guestimate).

I’ll show you the YM and RTY in the next post, along with some excellent forex trades.