Trading in Nashville seemed like an appropriate post to kick off this section of our blog.  I started this section to help drive home the message that the Backpack Trader is anyone who is portable with their trading.  Why? 

Because being portable is just another way of saying, being free.  Free to come and go whenever and where ever you want to go.

Trading is rather simple if you think about it.  Too many people complicate it up.  The more complex, the harder it is to succeed.  Same with life!

The Backpack Trader is all about freedom to live the kind of lifestyle you want to live.  Siberian Express?  For me, probably not.  But it symbolizes the extreme possibilities one might want to experience. 

All you need is a good laptop, trading software, great method which includes a proven tradeplan and internet connection.  I guess some trade capital is pretty important too.  But once you have that, then you just need to execute your proven plan. Let your superior odds take care of the rest.

Trade for the type of lifestyle you wish to lead.  Maybe it would be trading in Nashville like me and my partner Mike Rykse:

I snuck out of the conference I was attending to see if I could grab a trade or two.  Here’s a peak at what I was looking at from my hotel suite.  Fun with Moving Averages, Unleaded Gas Futures. Unfortunately, the move had already happened.

The next day though, I was able to sneak away again to grab the Crude Oil Inventory Report session.  Can’t miss that one, no matter where I am, even if it means skipping out of a conference and trading form Nashville!

I found this great little spot, while trading in Nashville, with a waterfall behind me and a great sounding duet, playing some excellent classics from my generation, giving me the inspiration I needed to grab some fairly quick profits out of the market.  Like the pano?


Then Mike decided to join me.

Trading from Nashville?  Sure, why not?  This is what life is all about. This is what becoming your own version of the backpack trader is all about!!


Show us what version of the Backpack Trader are you?   We invite you to share places YOU’VE traded from and post them in this sectionWe are all part of an amazing Backpack Trader community — those who trade to achieve absolute freedom in their life.  Join us by sharing where you’ve traded from right here in the Backpack Trader blog.