Trading the Crude Oil Report, as you know by now, is one of our most consistently profitable daytrade strategies we have.  We’ve been trading it live in the traderoom for years.

I typically post the session videos on YouTube.  Have you joined our channel yet, Netpicks Trading Desk?  Please do so.  We are always posting new trading videos there to help you become a more profitable trader.

Today, while trading the crude oil report, I had a harder time than usual.  I should have been able to hit modest tradeplan goals for a positive result.  The problem is that the price hit the target too perfectly and I wasn’t filled.

I had to settle for a partial profit.  You can see how it happened in this edited session replay video.

Trading the crude oil report is a session that I try to record nearly every week.  I didn’t record it last week because I was on vacation but you can check out this week’s recording here

As most of you probably know by now, I prefer the Counter Punch Trader 377 tick chart tradeplan.  It usually wins and I’m able to finish quickly which is all within the spirit of being the best backpack trader I can be.  Minimal market time, maximum living time!

The Spotlight Power Trader posted a nice winning session, as did our alternative tradeplan with Counter Punch Trader using a 610 tick chart.  These plans take a little bit longer but they also fit within our backpack trader theme.

Trading the Crude Oil Report session is a worthy tradeplan to learn how to do.  It is very reliable. We are going to be offering a special service where you can log into our traderoom and follow along with us.

Be sure to let us know that you’re interested and we’ll put you on our waiting list for when we roll out this new exciting service.

Also, in true backpack trader fashion, we’re getting ready to announce an exciting new Forex Swing Trading Signal Service.  We’ll be using our best, long term forex tradeplans to issue trades right to you via our new Instant Telegram messaging service.  To find out more, come back to this blog often or visit our facebook page,