Winning tradeplans, like our Spotlight Power Trader Crude Oil plan, is how one can achieve ongoing success.  You can see it by this week’s trade results.

Notice how minimal risk exposure to the market gets the job done.  You’ll see it in the below examples.

Crude oil hit its tradeplan goals within minutes each session this week.

Each trade adjusted itself in real time to market conditions which is why you see different target sizes.  But that’s one of the 12 powers to successful trading; dyamic target. That’s why the targets are so accurate.

You can see though that we can have our cake and eat it too with our dynamic trailing stop that follows the balance line.  That’s the green dotted line you see.

The Balance Line is a powerful momentum indicator that marks the line in the sand; the balance of power between buyers and sellers, on any chart. This is priceless information and a perfect place to hide our trailing stop around.

This picture is worth a 1000 words, showing a winning tradeplan at a glance.  It has all the components, all 12 powers working for it.  This was Tues, after the marginal 2 trade winner on Monday.  Remember, part of the equation is controlling our drawdown with minimal and efficient trading.

Wed morning, was another one and done session with tradeplan goals being achieved with this homerun trade.

And then today’s one and done session, demonstrating the power of a tried and true winning tradeplan yet again.

This is not the only winning tradeplan, of course.  But it sure is a good one that continues to prove itself over and over again.

Of course there are losing trades and even losing sessions inside of a winning tradeplan.  Successful trading is about growing your equity as a result of your tradeplan.  Two steps forward, one step back, three steps forward one step back, etc.

We’ve got some excellent forex tradeplans to talk about too, along with equities, options and more futures daytrade plans.  The Backpack Trader is all about lifestyle, minimal exposure to the market and maximum gains so we can pull away from the markets and enjoy our lives as we alwasy imagined.

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